Fabric Composer

Build Business networks, applications and integration with Hyperledger fabric blockchain

If you're experienced with npm and git, get going with

npm install -g composer-cligit clone https://github.com/fabric-composer/sample-applications.git
If you want to start or continue with a worked example, then use the Quick Start!

What is Fabric Composer ?

Fabric Composer is an application development framework which simplifies and expedites the creation of Hyperledger fabric blockchain applications. It provides interactive tools, APIs and a modelling language to help developers design business networks, the applications that exploit them, and the connectors to integrate blockchains with existing systems.

Fabric Composer provides a layer of abstraction on top of the Hyperledger Fabric blockchain. Developers can design in terms of business networks, participants, identity, assets, registries, transactions, events and links, in contrast to the low level abstractions of chaincode and key-value stores. The composer modelling language makes it easy for developers to model the specific nature of their business domains. The interactive composer tool allows them to author and test these models, and then create domain specific APIs for their consumers. Developers can use Composer tools to create sample applications which exploit these APIs, and create loopback connectors which provide connectivity between the blockchain and their existing systems.

Framework Features

Blockchain State Storage
All state is stored in Hyperledger Fabric, ensuring consensus, immutability etc.
Asset Registries define the data to be stored and exchanged
Transactions are associated with authenticated members of the Hyperledger Fabric
Provides REST APIs to interact with assets and the transaction registry
Analytics and Monitoring
Extension points to send transactions to external analytics data stores

Check out these resources

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  • Developer? Get going with Getting Started and clone our sample application git repo
  • Analyst? Model your you business network in the Composer and see how you control business assets