Fabric Composer Identity Issue Command

composer identity issue

The composer identity issue command issues a new identity to a participant in a participant registry. See the task Issue an Identity to a Participant for a walkthrough of using this command or the API.


$ composer identity issue
composer identity issue [options]

  --help                       Show help  [boolean]
  --connectionProfileName, -p  The connection profile name  [string]
  --businessNetworkName, -n    The business network name  [string] [required]
  --enrollId, -i               The enrollment ID of the user  [string] [required]
  --enrollSecret, -s           The enrollment secret of the user  [string]
  --newUserId, -u              The user ID for the new identity  [string] [required]
  --participantId, -a          The particpant to issue the new identity to  [string] [required]
  --issuer, -x                 If the new identity should be able to issue other new identities  [boolean] [required]


--connectionProfileName, -p

The connection profile name.
Example: defaultProfile

--businessNetworkName, -n

The name of the deployed Business Network to connect to.
Example: digitalproperty-network

--enrollId, -i

The enrollment ID of the identity that should be used to connect to the deployed Business Network. Example: maeid1

--enrollSecret, -s

The enrollment secret of the identity that should be used to connect to deployed Business Network.
Example: Xurw3yU9zI0l

--newUserId, -u

The user ID of the new identity that should be issued.
Example: lennyid1

--participantId, -a

The fully qualified identifier of the participant that the identity should be issued to.
Example: net.biz.digitalPropertyNetwork.Person#lenny@biznet.org

--issuer, -x

Specify this option if the participant is trusted, and should be permitted to use the new identity to issue other new identities.