Fabric Composer Command Line

Fabric Composer Command Line

The Fabric Composer command line application, composer, can be used to perform multiple administrative, operational, and development tasks.

The Concerto command line application can be installed using npm:

npm install -g composer-cli

Business Network management

composer network deploy

Deploy a Business Network Definition: concerto network deploy

composer network list

List the contents of a deployed Business Network: concerto network list

composer network ping

Test the connection to a deployed a Business Network: concerto network ping

composer network update

Update a deployed Business Network: concerto network update

Participant and Identity management

composer participant add

Adds a participant to a participant registry: concerto participant add

composer identity issue

Issue an identity to a participant: concerto identity issue

composer identity revoke

Revoke an identity from a participant: concerto identity revoke

Transaction execution

composer transaction submit

Submit a transaction for execution: concerto transaction submit

Development accelerators

composer generator tests

Generate tests for a Business Network Definition: concerto generator tests