Fabric Composer Generator CLI

Fabric Composer Generator

The composer generator utility is used to automatically generate parts of your project from your business network archive.


composer generator tests generates a framework for testing the transactions in the business network archive. The test file uses mocha and chai and will be saved

composer generator tests -d <project-directory> -a <business-network-archive> -i <enrollment-id> -s <enrollment-secret>


--help                        Show help  [boolean]
--projectDir, -d              The directory of your your concerto project  [string] [required]
--networkArchiveLocation, -a  The location of the network archive zip file  [string] [required]
--testDirName -t              The name of the projects test directory  [string] [optional] default: test
--enrollId, -i                The enrollment ID of the user  [string] [required]
--enrollSecret, -s            The enrollment secret of the user  [string]